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Rhubarb Moonshine




1 – 750 ml Everclear

10 cups Water

2 cups sugar

12 to 15 Rhubarb Stalks – wash rhubarb – cut into 3 or 4-inch pieces – just so they fit in the pot easily and are easy to stir


Put water in a big pot – bring to a boil

Put in Sugar and Rhubarb – stir until sugar is dissolved completely

Cook on medium-high heat until mixture is reduced to about half – stirring occasionally

Remove from heat – let cool

Strain Rhubarb out of mixture – discard Rhubarb

Pour in bottle of Everclear

Stir well

(This recipe calls for 1 – 750ml bottle, you can add more or less Everclear depending on strength you like.)

Pour into mason jars. Seal with lids

Put in a cool place

The longer it sits the better



Mason Jars


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