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This is when you get to spoil your customers:


It is always nice to recognize customers who are regulars. The people that come in your establishment on a regular basis. All customers are important but the regulars are the most important for obvious reasons. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have much of a business. Your regulars pretty much make your bar what it is and how people look at it and judge it. So, you want good wholesome people for regulars, not a bunch of punks or morons. But that is another subject entirely. Regulars are usually pretty spoiled and for the most part, that is a good thing. OK, on to the subject at hand:




I can remember so many times when we would have a special birthday party or birthday surprise for one of the regular customers and they would be so touched by that…some would be extremely touched. Saying things like, “I never had anyone do anything like this for me before”. or “I can’t believe you remembered my birthday” It makes their day and your day awesome. It’s so amazing how so many people don’t even get acknowledged on their birthday. I for one, think that is so sad.  So make sure you remember to write down those important birthdays on a calendar, and make a special day for that customer. Everyone loves being remembered. So for those special customers that come into your business often and make the bar even more fun to be in … well you want to treat them good. Some regulars become so important to you, they are like part of your family. So you definitely want to let them know that. It matters, believe me it does.


Some of the things we use to do for birthdays


is set them up with drinks and maybe give them a little birthday cake . I use to buy little cupcakes or remember those coconut things from Hostess? I think they were called snowballs ? I would buy them or cupcakes and stick a candle in it. (It is the thought that counts) We always bought birthday cards and passed them around ahead of time for all to sign for the special birthday person. Presents are always nice too. Decorate a special chair … with balloons or whatever. There really is a lot of nice thoughtful little things you can do for that customers very special day. Give them a bar t-shirt or hat if you have any.


Other times you can make special for customers


are a couples Anniversary, when someone retires from their job, someones last day in Military or joined the Military. Just became a Mom or Dad, or Gr-Pa or Gr-Ma … Graduated from college … whatever.


It is always a nice gesture to remember your regulars


and to celebrate their special times with them. (Believe me they will be touched and will not forget what you did for them) So let them know how important they are to you by spoiling them.

Monthly Birthday Party:


You can also have a special birthday party once a month for all of the customers that have a birthday that month. Celebrate by buying a huge birthday cake for all. You could turn it into a potluck if you want. Food is always a good thing.


Have a raffle with presents:


Presents could be free drinks, or maybe some drink tokens. Gift Cards to dinner or whatever.


Try to have a Band or Karaoke/DJ:


That really does make any party more lively and that is very important.

OK there you go, some ideas for a great party and showing your regulars how special they are. Just be creative and you will have successful parties and very happy customers.

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