Bar Owning – Bartending


Careful! This is a very strong drink!


Paralyzer Party Punch



15 oz. Hpnotiq Liqueur

4 oz. Rum

4 oz. Vodka

1/2 oz. Blackberry Brandy

1 oz. Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka

1 oz. Gin

1 oz. Light Rum

1 oz. Everclear

1 splash 7-Up

1 can Root Beer

20 oz bottle Mountain Dew Pitch Black Soda (Regular Mountain Dew will be fine if you can’t find Mountain Dew Pitch Black)


Pour all ingredients into a large container – Big Bowl or whatever you decide it will fit in — as this recipe can be doubled  and doubled again and again

Float a big ice ring with it – optional

Pour into glasses over ice or just chilled


Float fruit slices in it for decoration

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