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Orange Peel Jello Shots



1 Small Box Orange Jello – or Flavor of Choice

1 Cup Boiling Water

1 Cup Vodka or Orange Vodka — or any Flavor Alcohol you desire

If you don’t like strong shots just use 1/2 Cup Vodka and add 1/2 Cup Cold Water instead of the full cup of Vodka



Put Orange Jello into heat proof bowl

Pour in the 1 Cup of boiling water — being sure to stir until Jello is completely dissolved — around 2 minutes or so

Add the Vodka

Stir until well blended

Prepare Fruit:

Cut Oranges in half and scoop out the Orange – leaving just the peel

Blot the insides of the Orange with paper towels – you want the insides to be nice and dry

Now fill the Orange Peels with the Jello mixture

Place into refrigerator until set

Once the Jello is firm in the peels, you can cut them into thirds or just in half

Other Ideas:

You can use Lemons, Strawberries, Mandarins etc. — to make more delicious Jello Shots

These are also great made with NO ALCOHOL for kids and their birthday parties etc.

Kids LOVE them !!!



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