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Lemonade Moonshine




2 Cups 190 proof Everclear — Options: Vodka can be substituted for Everclear

5 Lemons — Juiced

6 cups Water

2 cups Sugar


In a large crock pot — put in Water, Sugar and Lemon Juice

Heat on high for approximately 2 hours

Unplug and let cool to room temperature

Pour in the alcohol

Stir well

Pour into jars and let sit in a cool place for at least a week to a month.

Once it has sat awhile, pour into glasses filled with ice and add a lemon slice or two.

Options: Sprite, 7-Up or soda water added to glass is very good with this also — if you like bubbly drinks.

Enjoy !!!


Mason Jars


Lemon Slices


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