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Hunch Spiked Punch



1 Liter Grain Alcohol

1 to 2 Gallons Fruit Punch — this varies on your taste

Cut up fruit, leave rinds on Oranges, Lemons etc.

Lots of ice


Get a big container like a clean trash can or a huge beer cooler.

Cut up a bunch of fruit — Oranges, Limes, Lemons, Grapefruit, Grapes, Cherries — pretty much whatever you want. I was told that cut up bananas get gross in it. Use your own judgment.

Soak the fruit in the Grain Alcohol for awhile – Optional

Pour in the fruit punch — stir with an oar or something big like that.

You can now put a bunch of ice in it or serve over ice in glasses.

In order to make a huge batch, just add more of everything, double or triple the recipe.


Large Clean Trash Can or Beer Cooler to make it in

Plastic Cups to Serve in

Or Huge LONG straws !!!


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