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Grain Alcohol


It is imperative…

that you understand how strong Grain Alcohol is. If you are so inclined to make drinks with these Grain alcohols, please use good judgment and do not overdo it. This stuff is very strong — Beware!!!

Learn all about Alcohol by Volume and Alcohol Proof — if you are a bartender or a bar owner, you really should understand the difference in Alcohol by Volume and Alcohol Proof. It is always a good idea to know what you are serving your customers. A little knowledge goes a long way.

There are several types of Grain Alcohol. I have heard that some are even illegal in some States in the United States.

Below are some drink recipes made with these powerful Grain Alcohols. Just be careful when consuming any of these or any booze for that matter.

FYI — None of these recipes are real Moonshine – as making moonshine with corn mash etc. is illegal in the USA — so I will just stick with the recipes that are legal to make and still very strong and usually made with Everclear. Guess I should name them all Mock Moonshine Recipes.


Have Fun, Just Be Smart.





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