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Flaming Doctor Pepper Shot

OK — this is a great tasting shot … BUT … all bartenders please remember I have heard that it is illegal to light drinks in some states.
Not sure if this is true, but please find out the laws where ever you are.

If you are making these at home, PLEASE be very careful when lighting any drink on fire!!!


3/4 oz. Amaretto


1/4 oz. 151 Proof Rum


Pour Amaretto into a shot glass

In a bigger glass (pint glass) put the shot glass with the Amaretto -into the pint glass — now pour the beer to almost level to the top of the shot glass

Now gently pour the 151 Proof Rum on the top of the Amaretto

Light the 151 and let burn – blow out and chug the whole thing


Flaming Doctor Pepper #2



1 oz. 160 proof Vodka (Devil’s Springs Vodka)

6 oz Cola


Pour Vodka into a shot glass

Pour the Cola into a glass

Light the vodka in the shot glass and drop the glass into the bigger glass of Cola.

Chug !!!


Shot Glass (for the Vodka)

8 oz. Old Fashioned Glass (for the Cola)

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