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Cost Calculators


These Cost Calculators are to help you figure out drink prices!!

Below are a few Calculators to help you out in a big way.

If you are using Chrome as your server, you may find that the page jumps up after you enter numbers. I cannot figure out how to stop that? However, if you use a different server ex. Explorer or whatever – the page doesn’t jump around like that. 

Hopefully, these calculators will help you reduce your Pour Cost so you can make a decent profit off of every drink you sell – Now won’t that be nice!

What are all these Calculators?

There are a few Calculators for you to use for figuring what you should charge for a drink, beer, draft beer, wine and also it shows you what your PC will be at that price.

If you are finding the Calculators confusing, it might help if you check out my “How to Price a Drink” Page.  You will be given details on how to figure all the prices of Drinks, Bottle Beer, and Draft Beer.

Pour Cost – PC

Keep in mind that there is NO set PC. It goes by what you are charging and the cost of the bottle of liquor, or beer, wine, draft beer etc.

If you want a lower PC (Pouring Cost) then you raise the price of the drink.

Draft Beer

Keep in mind that as far as the draft goes, the formula in the Calculator is set for a large Keg of beer that holds 1984 ounces of beer.

I listed how many ounces there are in different size Kegs of beer, now all you need to do is click – or maybe you’ll have to double-click – on the peach-colored formula cell listed under Draft. Once you see the formula, just change 1984 ounces to the number of ounces your Keg contains.




Just enter your values in the white boxes — and you will see the numbers change. Just mess around with it for a bit and I have confidence that you will figure it out in no time. Just don’t mess with the peach-colored boxes, because that is where I have the formulas. If the formula does get messed up, just refresh your page and it will go back to how it is supposed to be.

OK then, I think I remembered everything I wanted to tell you, so sit back – enter in the numbers, and learn what prices everything should be in order to make a bigger profit and knock that pouring cost down, down, down!!! Have Fun!!!



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