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Cinco De Mayo  (May 5th)



This is such a fun bar party!


We always did it up huge with the decorations and of course, all the delicious Mexican Food.


The party was usually a potluck and the awesome customers never let us down. Their cooking was always so delicious!

Just thinking about it makes me so hungry.  All that Mexican Food in one place — well let’s just say, everybody was happy!

Then – of course – there was always a Margarita and Mexican Beer Special — You cannot have a Cinco De Mayo party without a great Margarita and Mexican Beer Special!!! That would just be wrong!!! Oh, I almost forgot — the Margarita Jello Shooters was always a huge hit.

The Mariachi Bands were awesome !!!  They can be pretty pricey, but they sure are worth every penny!

Most people don’t even know what Cinco De Mayo is all about– and some do not care, all they want to do is party, party, party.  That is all good — but having said that, I think a bit of history is in order for the Cinco De Mayo Holiday.

Here you will find a beautiful, well-written article all about the history of Cinco De Mayo and the reason for this day.


Below are some delicious drink recipes for your party.
Here are more Tequila Recipes you might like to look at.

Have Fun — Be Safe !!!



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