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Blackberry Moonshine


1 Bottle (Liter) Everclear

3 to 4 containers Blackberries – you want right around 20 ounces of berries

4 cups water

1 to 2  cups sugar — adjust sugar to taste.  This recipe use to call for 3 cups sugar, and that was just way to sweet. So start with around 1 1/2 cups, then adjust to how you like it from there



Pour the grain alcohol into a large jar with a lid – Jar should be at least 1/2 gallon in size

Now put blackberries in with the Everclear

Crush the blackberries with a wood spoon

Seal the jar

Let the jar sit for 3 weeks

Shake the jar every other day

After the 3 weeks has passed — it is time to make the simple syrup

Bring water to a boil and add sugar

Stir constantly until the sugar dissolves

Let cool completely

While sugar is cooling

Strain the blackberries out of the jar

Return alcohol back into the jar

Now pour in the sugar mixture

Seal the jar

Let this sit for at least two weeks or longer – the longer you let it sit the better it is.

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