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Bartenders Drinking Behind The Bar


NO NO NO !!! Plain and simple. When a bartender is behind the bar, they are there to work — they can drink on their off time. A bartender can still have fun while working– but drinking behind the bar only leads to problems sooner or later.


Drinks From Customers


There were many times when my bartenders had drinks bought for them by their customers and they would want to drink when they were working. I would sometimes let them drink the last 15 minutes of their shift. That wasn’t always a good idea. Especially if they were the night bartender and still needed to close the bar. Meaning clean and count money etc. It just is not a good idea. It always seems to turn out bad. Especially if the bartender is a lightweight. Anyway, it is best to have the employee wait until she is not working – to drink the drinks that customers bought.


Is It Illegal


I have heard it is illegal to drink in a bar while working in some states and/or countries. Once again, I suggest you check all of the laws in your state. Every State has a set of laws — not all are the same.

I have never had a bartender arrested for drinking behind the bar – nor have I ever witnessed anyone working in a bar get arrested for drinking or being drunk. When I was a bartender – I think some would have been arrested if they were caught. Luckily that never happened.


What If The Cops Came In


and the bartender was trashed or the doorman or bouncer was drunk??? Hmm … NOTHING GOOD COULD POSSIBLY COME OUT OF THAT!

I had to fire a bartender and a doorman before — “why” you ask? Well, my doorman was drunk off his butt !!! This is the guy that check ID’s — so when I arrived at my bar and found my doorman drunker than drunk… well let’s just say — I was not a happy camper. I saw them both as risking my whole business. The bartender knew the rules and broke them by serving the doorman, so I let him go as well as the doorman. Needless to say, I was so disappointed in both of them. You get what I am saying? I mean the problems could really get ugly… real ugly! I sure was glad I got there before a cop saw this. Geez!


Don’t drink or get high


in any way before you come to work or when you are on the clock. It really is that simple.


Bartenders Drinking Where They Work


on their days off??? I never had a problem with that.

I have heard of bartenders drunk in the bar that they work at and causing all kinds of big problems.


Some bar owners


do not allow their employees to drink in their bar at all. Not when they are working and even if they are off the clock. I pretty much think that if you want to party — then play where you don’t work. If you just have to drink on your off time where you work — then be smart and don’t get so drunk that you lose control and probably respect of others and maybe your job. Show some class, ya know what I mean? Don’t be dumb !!!

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