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So you want to be a bartender?

I don’t blame you – the income can be huge.

However – you have to be great at bartending!

YOU have to own it!!!


If you are a bartender or you want to tend bar

that’s wonderful. It can be a very lucrative career. I made tons of money as well as a lifetime of friends in this business. I met the love of my life in a bar.

I also loved my job 99% of the time. That 1% I could have done without. OK, you want to know about the 1% — well that was bar fights, rude customers; when the boss was being a jerk. Stuff like that. Other than that, bartending was awesome!

Bartenders run a dime a dozen, unfortunately!

I say unfortunately because there are tons and tons of bartenders out there. So it makes it super difficult to find those bartenders that shine. You know the kind, don’t you? The ones with the personality that you love. The bartender that makes sure you want to come back to see her often !!! The bartender you will follow if she finds a different bar she would rather work at.

Personality goes a long way !!!

Here is the thing, it takes some know-how to be a rockin’ Bartender. If you have little to no personality or you are shy, or you really aren’t big on being around a bunch of people,  especially some pretty tipsy people. How long do you think you will last with the bar owner that just hired you? (if you found a bar owner to hire you???) Not long and that is a guarantee. You really have to decide if this sort of work is right for you !!!

I know bartenders right now that love their jobs and others that absolutely despise it!  Believe me – it shows. Bar owners look for the crazy fun bartenders that do love their job and being around a bunch of people.  Bartenders that have fun and laugh and talk comfortably with customers are what all bar owners want behind their bar.  Not the kind that is trying so hard that it is obvious.  It looks bad and most people can pick up on the not genuine person. The phony – You know what I mean?

I think that some of the best bartenders I knew… well — to be honest, they all had their own style. They were each a one of a kind. They Rocked It !!! That is the truth. Not only did they rock it, they made bank. Yep — tons of money. Most earned it – they worked hard. They were far from boring and they made sure everyone had their drinks.

Customers want their drinks. Bar owners want you selling drinks. So long story short. If you have a natural fun happy personality, and you love people. If you are also responsible and realize that bartending is a job, a real job, not just fun and games. Then you will do great and you will make a bunch of good friends, a whole lot of cash and have a really fun job to go to. I personally loved bartending … absolutely loved it !!!  It was so much fun, never a dull moment and the cool thing about it is every day was different. You never knew who you would see or what new person you would meet.  So for me, it was the best job.

Bar owners seek out that exceptional bartender

the one with the awesome personality and the owner also would like that bartender to have a head on her shoulders. To some this all comes naturally, to others it does not. Some of this … be a great bartender stuff, can be learned and other stuff not so much.  The good news is most people can bartend if they truly want to. Not all, but most !!!

There are PRO’S and CON’S to bartending

and I will get into that on another page. So have fun learning or picking up tips and tricks for the bar business. In this website, you will find a mess of ideas. Have fun … and hopefully, it will be enlightening for you.

After reading a bunch of this site

you will know if this is a job for you. Keep in mind, bartender jobs are everywhere. They are in fancy hotels, restaurants, casinos, resorts, cruise ships, country clubs. Then you have the cocktail lounges and small bars. Lots of jobs to be had if you are an awesome – fun – lively person with a good head on your shoulders.

If you are already a bartender

you will find some interesting stuff as well. You can see what the owner does … because so many bartenders talk about owning their own bar someday. You will hopefully find many ideas that will help you out.

GOOD LUCK — in whatever you decide to do as a job or career !!!

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