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After owning a bar for a little over 10 years

and bartending/managing for many years prior to that, I think you may get some great ideas from me. There was so much I loved about bartending and owning a bar — but then again, there were different things that I hated. So maybe this site will make things a bit better and easier for you. Hopefully, some of the things I learned and pass on to you will help you immensely in your business.

Bar Owning

is fun but it can also get pretty hectic and stressful. There is so much you should know before you get yourself into a huge mess. Don’t worry – I’ve got your back. I have tons of advice and ideas that will help you to run your bar efficiently and with much success.

On this website

you will find so many ideas and more drink recipes that you or your bartenders will ever need.  I will be adding to this site on a regular basis. My goal is to hopefully be of some help to bar owners and bartenders.

Believe me, the more you know the better off you are.

The more organized you are – makes life much easier while you are trying to run a bar and keep track of everything coming and going. I know a lot of tricks of the trade as they say. If you are a bar owner in the United States, the IRS doesn’t mess around. They want their money, a nice chunk of your income. (Taxes is one subject that makes my blood boil – but I won’t get started on that yet!)  Believe me, they will audit you, so you definitely want everything in order. Then many states have huge sales taxes also. This is not counting EDD, or Workmen’s Compensation and all the other BS bills. It took me time to recognize what monies I should spend and where I was wasting cash in a big way.

If you really want to own a bar

then this is a great site for you to get some solid information and ideas. I am sure that there will be plenty here for you to ponder over. You will find this site very informative, but please be sure to learn all the laws where your bar is or will be. Every state and country is different. I can’t give advice on liquor laws where you are.  However, I do know how nerve-wracking it can be to buy a bar and then wondering where to start? How do I pack the bar full of good paying customers? How will I draw them in?  Where will the best sales come from?  What kind of booze do I buy?  How much should I buy? The questions you will have will go on and on. Where do I find those great bartenders with the awesome personalities and perfect work ethics?

Search through the many topics

on this site, and I am sure you will find so much help. I was there, I know a bunch. I didn’t own a huge fancy cocktail lounge, I owned a pretty good sized hole in the wall. The fact is, a business is a business, no matter what you own. That alone is an exciting adventure, but it can also be scary as heck if you don’t have a plan or know how exactly to do things to make it all run easier.

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