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Apple Pie Moonshine



1 bottle (Liter) of 190 proof Moonshine or Grain Alcohol

1 Gallon Apple Cider

1 Gallon Apple Juice

3 cups Sugar

8 Cinnamon Sticks


In a large pot, pour in the Cider, Juice, Sugar and Cinnamon Sticks

Bring this to a boil – stir occasionally – remove from heat and let cool

Add the Moonshine – Stir to combine

Pour into Mason Jars and put on lids

You can drink this right away, but it tastes better after letting it sit

in a cool dry place for at least couple of weeks – the longer it sits the

better it is

If you can’t find 190 proof Moonshine, you can always use Everclear

Beware!!!  This is very strong , so take it easy and Please —



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