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are so much fun, especially the yearly Anniversary Party !!!

I personally always looked forward to this one. It was always so much fun. It would also thrill me to know the bar’s doors remained open another year. Which is always something business owners would prefer to happen.

Pot Luck

There is so much you can do in order to have a successful Anniversary Party. I always had a huge potluck and customers were awesome about bringing in their great cooking.

If a customer didn’t know what to bring, you can bet the bartenders put them down on the potluck list for something — they usually had the non-cooking types bring rolls or chips or salsa. They would think of something.

I can tell you we never had a lack of food. Better to many munchies then not enough.

I use to cook a mess of food myself or buy a bunch of stuff.
However, if you own a bar and restaurant together, then you have it made. I would have loved to have at least a little kitchen in our bar.  That would have been great. But instead, we used a bunch of chaffing pans and crock pots. Whatever works is good enough.

Just be food safe. The proper temperature for all food is very important. I cannot stress that enough. After all, you don’t want your customers to get sick. The health department and safe food issues are a different subject.  I will talk about all that later. Back to the party.

The Owner and all of the Employees

NEED to get involved with all of the party plans or the party will not be successful. The main involvement is telling everyone about it.  I had one employee who was so awesome about going on and on about the party coming up. He was amazing. He never missed a beat when it came to telling people about the parties and all the goings-on at the bar. Every owner needs employees like that. If you own a bar now, and you don’t have enthusiastic employees like that. Well, you need to find people that work hard for you and love the bar and their job. Hopefully, all of your employees are like that.

We did different things for all the different parties. The bar Anniversary party was always one of the biggest parties of the year. So we did it up BIG !!! It was always a huge success.


are  important … you really should decorate for parties. It definitely gives that party atmosphere and customers do like it a lot. Now for the help in getting all the decorations put up. This is important because it takes time to decorate. You will find there are so many customers willing to help, as well as your employees.

Word of warning hold off on helium balloons until the last minute as those things go flat pretty fast. If you plan on using balloons with helium, believe me when I say it ends up being a whole lot cheaper owning your own helium tank than it is to go to a party store and buy them filled already. If you fill your own balloons, beware of the people helping you. They like to use the helium and balloons to talk funny.

Here is a crazy story for you, I had one customer decide to fill up his pool raft to see if it would float in the air? Some people! Good thing he was a friend. I wasn’t very happy at the time, (HELIUM IS TO EXPENSIVE TO WASTE)  but it was pretty funny in a GOOFY sorta way!

Another thing while we are talking helium; make sure the nozzle is turned off when the tank isn’t in use. I learned all of this the hard way. I learned to check the tank myself, why? Well — let’s just say some folks do not know off from on. They don’t know righty tighty, lefty loosey! So much better to take that little bit of time to check the tank — then waste that expensive helium.


Now we all know how important this is. It isn’t a party without music. The jukebox just doesn’t cut it when you are throwing a party. At least not in my opinion. So find a good band (not an expensive full of themselves band, just a good fun band) or Karaoke DJ.  Sometimes I would hire both a band and a Karaoke DJ. That way when the band went on break the Karaoke would start so there was never a dull moment. People love to sing. Not all people, but many do. Some not so good and some very good. I was amazed at how talented some people are, even when they are quite tipsy.

The main thing though is you want the customers in your bar happy and having the best time. You don’t want them bored and leaving your bar.

The only downfall I see with Karaoke is that you might have to talk the Karaoke host into getting people to sing UP BEAT songs. Not all slow stuff. There were a few times when it was one slow song after another, and I am sorry but that puts a damper on any party. People leave, NOT GOOD !!! You just spent a fortune on this party. You want people to stay and spend money. You want your bar lively and upbeat. You want your customers talking to everyone about how GREAT the party was!!!

Jello Shots

Have someone make a mess of Jello Shooters, sell them for a buck or two depending on the size. Best way to make them is to own an electric teapot for boiling the water. This is a super fast way to get the Jello Shooters made and into the refrigerator. Then get one of your employees to walk around with a tray full of them for sale. They go quick, so make enough. Figure at least 2 per customer if not more.


It is always nice to have a few giveaways. Hand out tickets and have a drawing for a bunch of cool stuff. If you have good sales reps, you can get a mess of freebies from them. Like t-shirts, pool sticks, bottles of wine or booze. (Depending on the laws where you live) In this state, you can let wine bottles go out the door legally, but not alcohol. Just make sure what you give away is legal. We would also giveaway bar cash (bar tokens) in small increments. That was always a big hit. Everyone loves free stuff.

Anyway, there you go– just a few ideas to start.  Be creative and fun and you will have a very successful bar party. The owner, as well as the bartenders and cocktail waitresses, will make tons of cash and that is one of the main reasons we all work isn’t it?

Have a blast!


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