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I have been thinking about my fifteen-year career as a BARTENDER and then another ten years of being a BAR OWNER.

I realized that there are so many people looking to get into this very business. Some want to be bartenders and others want to own a bar.

I have been asked so many questions about this business, that I got to thinking why not make a website about bars.  About things I know and ideas I can maybe help others with. Maybe someone would love to hear my story as well as learn through my many trials and tribulations. Some wonderful times, some not so great times, but I sure have a whole lot of advice for anyone that wants to get involved in the crazy, entertaining bar business.

The bar business can be such a blast

and you meet the best people.  Don’t think that only drunks or losers go into bars – because honestly that just is NOT TRUE at all. You meet every type of person you can imagine in this business, from the absolute low life’s to very successful business people to your grandpa next door.

So hopefully this website will help clear up many of the questions you may have.

It doesn’t matter if you want to own a bar or if you are looking to bartend or you just want to learn all about bars. I hope you pick up some valuable tips from me and all of my many years of craziness in this very entertaining business.

Drink Recipes

I have 1000’s of recipes for you to go through as well as many ideas to help you have a very successful business.

Keep in mind this website is meant for adults

as some of the stories would not be for little one’s eyes to see. Just the name of some of the drinks could offend some people, so I warn you now that some of the content is not for the pure and innocent or easily offended. I have tried to keep all of the really foul words in the X-Rated section — so just don’t open the X-Rated page if foul language offends you!!!